David M. Petersen



2014 to Now

Executor and an Heir to The Marshall and Georgia Petersen Trust


2013 to Now

Philosopher - Wrote a paper meant to bridge the gap between my philosophy work (see below) and the current search by scientists for the "mechanism" of consciousness. This perspective on consciousness potentially solves the mind-matter problem in philosophy and is based on science so it can be scientifically verified eventually. The paper is here. Ran a Google adwords campaign resulting in ads for the paper showing up on sites like sciencedaily.com and psychologytoday.com. The URL was copied and shared repeatedly as well as being shared on Digg and Facebook, resulting in numerous direct hits to the paper from individuals all over the world, as well as individuals in learning facilities like the Data Center, Higher Education Division, Islamabad; the College of St. Joseph in Vermont; Southern University in Louisiana; the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Minnisota (analyzed log files available on request.)


2003 to Now

Active Investor/Trader - Designed a trading system using technical analysis, averaging down, and diversified, leveraged ETF's.

System emerged from my overall investment approach around 2009; the system plus my overall approach together have averaged nearly 8 percent a year over a 9 year period, and I'm getting better and better at it. Takes only minutes a day.


2003 to 2011

Owner - Home repair business, "David M. Petersen, Handyman."

Practiced all phases of customer and business interaction; scheduling, customer service, accounts receivable, business management, sales, etc.

Advertising done using a self-built webpage and Google adwords.

Have serviced 100's of customers, including realtors as well as many homeowners. Have extensive knowledge and experience with fixing homes.

Many excellent customer references available on request.


1999 - 2003

Built a software engineering entry level resume -

Solved many problems with a variety of programming languages and technologies.

Familiar with J2EE, J2SE, XML, XLST, RMI, JDBC, Javascript, CSS, XHTML.

Completed a BA with honors in philosophy with a minor in computer science along with five extra programming classes (all A's).

Wrote programs in school using Visual Basic, Unix shell scripting, Scheme, C++, and Assembly Language, and also designed a database in my database management class. Handed in a compiled, debugged and working program on time for every programming assignment ever given at school.


1997 - 1999

Formulated an original philosophy and published it on the web - theory is in direct conflict with most of the academic philosophical community, but there is much evidence that it is influencing people and gaining traction around the world anyway. It is a perspective that potentially unifies science and religion by establishing a framework of ideas that can incorporate both. It has been accessed and re-accessed many times worldwide, often-times by computers at Universities. It is also occasionally searched for specifically on Google by people who have clearly heard about it (analyzed log files available on request.) To see some samples of how the site is accessed go to philosophy.dmpetersen.net/semh-hits.htm. For a good sample of this work go here, for the main site go to philosophy.dmpetersen.net.


1986 - 1997

Recording Artist (electric guitar, bass, vocals) and Music Production work



1986 - 1997

Accounting Clerk: AccountTemps, Inc., San Mateo, CA. 650-574-8200, and Accountants, Inc., Burlingame, CA. 650-373-3164. Short-term contracts - companies included AOL Productions, Unisource, and Westcor working in their accounts payable or payroll departments; asked back by all three of these companies.

Payroll Administrator: Industrial Health, Inc. from 1988 to 1996 - Now Examinetics, Inc. 913-748-2000.

Teller: California Federal Savings from 1986 to 1988 - Now Citibank, Inc. 866-248-4937.


1982 - 1986

Professional Electric Bassist in Los Angeles. Got some underground rock scene experience; studied jazz and did many jazz dates; did top 40 hotel lounge work, casuals, and studio recording work on many demos. To see resume and hear some (low tech) live recordings please go to: dmpetersen.net/musician_resume.



BA degree with honors - Philosophy - minor in Computer Science - SJSU

AA degree - Liberal Arts - Long Beach City College



Owner/Developer - Stock Trade Calculator

Owner - www.diyhomerepair.info